Join the BWOI PowerCircle

About BWOI Women


  • Come from a cross-section of industries and positions.
  • Have a track record of success and willingness to share experiences, knowledge and expertise with others.
  • Are interested in networking with like-minded women and supporting activities that promote and celebrate the empowerment of black women and girls.
  • Are committed to supporting and participating in BWOI programs designed to nurture and bridge its members.

Applying for Membership:

  • Individuals interested in becoming members but who may not be familiar with our organization are encouraged to attend events to become familiar with our programs and members.
  • New Member applications are ONLY accepted in the Fall each year. Applications are accepted from September 1st through December 15th.
  • Membership spans a full calendar year.
  • New Member Applications are ONLY accepted online.  All applications will be acknowledged via email and a follow-up with a member of the BWOI PowerCircle to answer any questions you may have about membership and/or upcoming events.
  • Membership dues of $100.00 per year, payable within 15 days of acknowledgement of your application. All dues must be submitted by December 15th each year using the online link at
  • Application submission is a one-time process. Current members may renew their membership without completing the online application. Membership Renewals are due by December 15th each year.
  • Membership covers access to BWOI development and networking programs through out the year at no additional cost with the exception of BWOI's Annual Summit. BWOI PowerCircle members receive discounted access to the Annual Summit.
  • BWOI PowerCircle members get Priority access to BWOI events. BWOI members are encouraged to register early. Guests (Non-Members) pay a nominal registration fee to attend BWOI events.
  • Members may submit Member News or add their books to the BWOI Author's Corner at no cost.

Become A Member

Our membership campaign is held in the Fall each year.  New applications and membership renewals are only accepted from September 1st to December 15th each year.