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Our History

Our Sisterhood

Our Mission

BWOI network was envisioned by three friends who wanted to provide peer support for executive level Black women who sat isolated across organizations - oftentimes as the only, or one of very few women of color at her level in her organization.  

BWOI was launched in 2007 providing networking forums for these cross-industry women to keep them connected for sharing genuine, authentic and noncompetitive peer support.

By 2011, the women were asking for more opportunities to
support each other as well as emerging mid-level professional women struggling to achieve similar levels of success.

BWOI has since organically grown into an organization that supports ALL levels of multicultural professional women. Those who may have a seat at the table but need
support and encouragement to "stay there"; as well as those who have the potential to sit at the table but need development and inspiration to "get there". 

BWOI membership consists of cross-industry, multi-generational, junior to executive level women of color. 

We come from diverse industries: financial services, healthcare, legal, media, retail and more

We are CEOs, corporate and non-profit executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, educators, young professionals, and most recently college students. 

We are trailblazers who have broken through barriers and opened doors for ourselves and others to pass through.

We are
leaders in business and in the community.

Our diversity makes us a unique organization that welcomes all women who share a commitment to do what we can, however we can, from where we sit across organizations, levels and generations to make a difference for others.

BWOI women share a common and deep commitment to "Helping Each Other Win".

We share knowledge, experience and connections to help each other thrive in life and business.

Our intent is to inspire your holistic success. Our programs therefore are designed in that regard around the following core areas: Leadership, Relationships, Finances and Wellness.

We offer an array of panel discussions and workshops throughout the year that are presented by and for those striving for life and career success. 


Our Team

Marsha Haygood

StepWise Associates, LLC
(BWOI Co-Founder &

Valerie Irick-Rainford

Managing Director
JPMChase & Co.,
(BWOI Co-Founder &

Michelle Taylor-Jones

Senior Diversity Leader
Dell/EMC Corporation
(BWOI Co-Founder)

Sheryl Douglas
Executive Assistant
OFI Global
(Chair: BWOI Events & Logistics)

Cecilia Nelson-Hurt
Vice President
L'Oreal USA
(Chair: BWOI Member Recruitment & Engagement)


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